Spiritual Nourishment



The worship style of First Church is very similar to a traditional Congregationalist style of worship. Our services begin with a welcome and brief announcements, followed by the "passing the peace" to one another. A call to worship, usually read responsively, an opening hymn, and an opening prayer including the Lord's Prayer follows. After singing the Gloria Patri, the children are invited forward (10:00 service) and the pastor will do a brief lesson with them. After the children are dismissed to classes, the choir will sing a number, which leads into the scripture readings and sermon. Following the sermon, we sing a hymn of response. The pastor then discusses prayer needs of the congregation, and invites others to share joys, including birthdays and other special occasions, as well as prayer concerns. Following the pastoral prayer, the offering is collected, a closing hymn is sung, and the pastor gives the benediction, blessing us on our journey until we meet again.

On the first Sunday of the month we celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion. By partaking of a piece of bread and a small cup of grape juice, we are celebrating the life we have in Jesus. All are invited to the Table of the Lord. The order of the service is just a little different that day, and children will start the service in their classes, then come to the sanctuary to participate.

8AM service. For those who prefer an early service, First Church offers a more informal environment in the chapel, which is accessible by elevator if needed. The more intimate setting of the chapel is a nourishing one for many folks. The choir gathers around the piano, and refreshments are available in the kitchen following the service.

10AM service. The 10AM has a more formal church atmosphere in the sanctuary. Hymns are played on our historic pipe organ, the choir wears robes, and the service is taped for television on local channel 22. Many find nourishment in the beauty of the sanctuary, the organ, and many traditional elements of the service. Following the service we gather in the Parson Main Fellowship Hall for food and fellowship. This is a highlight many look forward to every week.

We hope you can join us this Sunday at one of our services and share your story with us! If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.


Our music program at First Church has something for everyone. The church music program is led by the talented and capable hands of our Organist and Choir Director Richard (Dick) Lavache. Dick brings many years of musical teaching and expertise to First Church. David Berry has led the hand bell and Chimes Choirs for many years. These many choirs are always a blessing to the congregation in their hard work and dedication. First Church is very proud of its musical tradition.

First Church has three unique choirs. From September - June, the Senior Choir practices Wednesday evenings at 7pm and sings at the 10am service. The Chapel Choir sings at the 8am Sunday morning chapel service. The group works with the organist / pianist to choose its own music. Practice follows the chapel service each week. The Hand bell Choir is directed by Mr. David Berry. Practice is at 7:30pm on Friday evenings. They play during an average of one worship service per month.